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Efes, Turkish beer that produced with Turkey's unique barley and hops production. Efes chooses its own designated producers who solely produce for Anadolu Efes with the highest standards.

Barley is the most commonly used grain and one of the most important ingredients in brewing, giving beer its flavor, aroma and color. The use of high quality two-row barley is essential to producing premium Turkish beer

Beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage in Turkey. Commonly, lager type beers are popular. Best Turkish Beer brand is Efes. This Efes Pilsen owes its unique flavour to the rice which is added to the other ingredients during the brewing process. Efes Turkish beer has a clear honey colour with sparkly bubbles, light and sweet tasted. It might be a good refresher in a hot summer day after a long touring day. Efes beer holds about 80% of the domestic market in Turkey where it is made and it is currently shipped to 40 plus counties around the globe. Efes beer is produced using bottom-fermentation technique using the ingredients water, malted barley, rice, sugar, hops, CO2 and yeast.

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