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Turkey has an ancient winemaking history stretching back millennia, well before the classic civilizations of Greece and Rome helped to cement the popularity of wine as a cultural cornerstone.

But it’s only recently that Turkey’s wine industry has grown sufficiently to become recognized internationally.

Like Italy, Turkey benefits from a vast number of indigenous grape varieties, although many of the varieties are unknown to wine lovers beyond Turkey’s borders. Varieties such as Kalecik Karası and Narince, occasionally blended with international varieties, appear on many labels and really showcase the diversity on offer.

Turkish wine is even picking up awards, and rightly so – the many regions and sub-regions are developing individual identities, with Thrace, the Aegean Coast and Cappadocia producing the highest quality wines.

Curiously, although Turkey is one of the world’s biggest grape producers, only a tiny percentage is used for winemaking, the majority being grown for table grapes.

For three generations, DOLUCA has been a part of the Turkish winemaking industry, reflecting its traditional and innovative character in its service and product quality.

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