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Efes Mediterranean Beer

Efes produces and markets beer and malt and non-alcoholic beverages in a wide geographical area comprising Turkey, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

In addition to its flagship Pilsener, Efes also produces several other beers, including Efes Draft, semi-pasturised for a fresh, just brewed flavour with a 6 month shelf life, Efes Dark, double-roasted malt lager with 6.5% alcohol and hints of caramel, Efes Light, a 3.0% ABV take on the original, Efes Xtra, a hoppier, 7.5% ABV lager, Efes Ice, a softer, more aromatic, ice-brewed version with 4.2% alcohol, and Efes Dark Brown, a 6.1% ABV double-roasted malt lager with a distinct coffee and chocolate bouquet.

Other brands under the Efes Beverage Group are Gusta (5.0% ABV), the company's wheat beer brand; Mariachi, under which the lime or agave-flavored beers Mariachi (4.2% ABV) and Mariachi Black (6.0% ABV) are produced; Marmara, under which the strong-beers Marmara Kırmızı (6.1% ABV) and Marmara Gold (4.1% ABV) are produced; and Ritmix, the company's range of fruit-flavored, non-alcoholic malt drinks.

Various international brands have been brewed, marketed and distributed in Turkey through Efes Beer Group in recent years, including Miller Genuine Draft as of 2000, Beck's as of May 2002, and Foster's Lager as of March 2005.

In addition to the Efes product range, the company offers a wide variety of local brands with different tastes and appeal. These include Stary Melnik, Bely Medved, Gold Mine Beer, Sokol, Krasny Vostok, Vostochnaya Bavaria, Zhigulevskoe, Polniy Nokaut, Green Beer, Dolce Iris, Sib-Beer, Yantarnoe, Solodov, Ershistoe, Barkhatnoe, Bogemskoe svetloe, Ak Bars, in Russia; Karagandinskoe in Kazakhstan; Chisinau, Vitanta Premium Classic in Moldova; Weifert, Weifert Belo, Pils Plus, Zajecarsko Pivo and Standard in Serbia & Montenegro.  Such local brands continue to contribute to the company's international revenue stream.

Efes Beverage group further produces German Warsteiner, Dutch Bavaria Premium and Amsterdam Navigator, Czech Zlatopramen and Mexican Sol under licence in Russia.

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