Principle of “Freshness”

Founded in 1971, Tadım is the first and leading packaged nuts and seeds brand in Turkey. Running for 46 years with its rich expertise and experience, the well-established Tadım brand stands out as the oldest and most trusted in the market.

One of the most important qualities of the Tadım brand is the care it accords its consumers. Tadım always buys the best quality crops to produce the best and highest quality products, and takes care to deliver these products to the consumer under the healthiest conditions of distribution, at their freshest and at the deserved price.

Delivering products that are "as tasty and fresh in every pack" is a company policy which is never compromised in order not to damage consumer trust in Tadım. Based on this principle, "Freshness" is considered to be a very important criteria in delivering to the consumer the products of the habitual high quality. For this reason, all production, distribution and sales processes at Tadım are organized around the principle of "Freshness". Despite an expiry date of 4-6 months being specified on the products, care is taken in order to make sure no products older than 2 months remain at sales points, only the demanded volume of products is produced and no products are not kept in warehouses or sales points.

Tadım, by not compromising its determined stance, by staying connected with its past and never misleading consumers, has successfully remained Turkey's leading dried nuts brand up until the present day. In order not to compromise product quality and damage consumer trust, all working methods employed by Tadım, the process that runs from the purchase of raw material until the arrival of the product at the sales point, are planned in a manner that prevents any compromise to the aforementioned principles.


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