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Yakamoz Pickles

Vegetables used in pickles production are procured through contractual cultivation by Yakamoz Pickles farmers on the most fertile soils of the Anatolia. Thanks to this method, product traceability starts from the field; and safe and healthy vegetables are obtained under the supervision of agricultural engineers. Vegetables transported to Yakamoz Pickles plant meticulously and in the freshest from possible are processed through modern machines without sacrificing hygiene requirements; and what is more, products are monitored step by step from packaging to distribution.

Making no concessions on its high quality and customer satisfaction principles, Yakamoz Pickles company sensitively implements ISO 22000 Food Security (HACCP) and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Being made prepared with ultimate attention and outstanding efforts, Yakamoz Pickles products meet with the ultimate consumers through the channel of Yakamoz Pickles dealers located both at home and abroad.

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