Efes Draft Beer 500ml

Efes Draft Beer 500ml

  • Brand: Efes Pilsener
  • Product Code: EDB-500
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Expiry Date : 07/02/2021
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12 Bottles of Efes Draft 500ml

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Presented in a barrel shaped bottle, Efes Draft is the genuine draft beer taste in a bottle; more aromatized, fresh and easy to drink. Expertly brewed for a light hoppy aroma & refreshingly smooth, rich taste. Just like beer fresh from the brew house tap!

EFES DRAFT is a high quality beer with 5% alcohol degree, live yeast contained in draft beer. Promote the secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, strengthen the role of digestion, keep the beer good taste and nutrition. Slightly bitter taste, Draft beer shorter shelf life but a more fresh taste. Please drink it promptly after unscrewing.

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